Military Basic Training

Military Basic Training

Become Physically and Mentally Prepared With Our Course

This military course is for all individuals looking to enroll in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.  Basic training requires a level of physical fitness and mental strength that many do not have.  Fortunately, you can rely on True Hero Training to help you acquire the skills you need to aid you in graduating at the top of your class!  Here at True Hero Training, we have the proper tools and equipment to assist recruits in becoming prepared for basic training by providing the following:

  • Physical readiness designed to build strength, endurance, and confidence
  • Mental preparation to guide you through the obstacles you will encounter
  • Skill sets needed prior to enlistment
  • Tips and tricks for surviving basic training

You Will Receive Private Training Sessions With A Seasoned Professional

You will be assigned to one of our professionals to provide you one-on-one training sessions.  All of our trainers are current or former law enforcement, fire, and military members – you will be learning from the best!  Our professionals will go at your pace, but you will also be pushed and motivated in order to get you to where you need to be for optimum readiness.

Start the Fight for Optimum Readiness Today!

Enroll in our military training program today and start preparing for your success!  Not local?  We are working hard in creating a “Do It Yourself Course” so you can train on your own using our guidance through the downloadable content (coming soon).

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