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Specialized Training For Police, Sheriff, Fire and Military

Police & Sheriff Training

Police and Sheriff's Academies are not only physically demanding, but mentally challenging as well. Physically prepare, develop proper skill sets, and train your mind with one of our courses designed for any law enforcement academy.

Fire Academy Training

The Fire Academy is a physically demanding process that is highly competitive. Our training course is designed to help you learn specific abilities and physically prepare you for the Fire Academy.

Military Training

Ensure that you rank at the top of your class by allowing yourself to properly prepare for basic training. Enroll in one of our courses designed specifically for basic training.

Personal Training

Looking for a true one-on-one personal training experience with a workout designed for you? We offer a private facility where you will receive personalized training.

Self Defense Training

There are no referees, rings, or octagons on the streets. Learn the techniques needed to defend yourself from everyday threats you may encounter.

Do It Yourself Training

Can’t make it to the gym for your training? We offer convenient Do It Yourself Training for at-home workouts. You can simply download your custom instructions as a PDF and work out wherever and whenever you want.

Phenomenal Trainers For
Law, Fire, Military,
and Individuals

Here at True Hero Training, we have a great team! We are 100% family owned and operated. Our team consists of friends and family with experience in law enforcement, fire fighting, military, personal training, and more. Check out our exciting courses!

A portion of all profits are donated to help those who have, in turn, helped us all...
Wounded Warrior Project A Hero's Hero California Fire Foundation