Academy Fitness is Now True Hero Training

Effective August 1, 2018, Academy Fitness has legally changed their business name to True Hero Training. We look forward to a new beginning!


Dan graduated from  the Sheriff’s Academy in 2006 and served as a Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County.  After graduating from the academy, he was assigned to the state’s largest inmate processing center where thousands of inmates were processed in and out of the jails every day.  After a few years working at the processing center, Dan founded a counter-terrorism unit.  This unit focused on national security and immigration.  Soon after, Dan was requested to work in a federal task force.  Dan worked closely with multiple government agencies where he assisted in high-profile and confidential investigations.  He then went on to work on a gang intel unit where he had a number of special assignments.  During his career as a deputy, he developed  workout programs to help his fellow partners stay fit and increase their strength, stamina, and endurance.  He also trained with his fellow deputies in various mixed martial arts and even trained boxers for law enforcement boxing events.

After suffering a career ending injury, Dan was medically retired from the sheriff’s department in 2017. Athletics and fitness has always been an important part of Dan’s life.  Dan decided to continue helping others by sharing his expertise and experience through personal training.  After multiple individuals requested to train with him because of his background, Dan decided to create True Hero Training.

Dan’s goal is to help others achieve their fitness needs all while providing personalized training in a fun and unique atmosphere.  When you join True Hero Training, you will be joining a family, not a gym, with one thing in mind… you.  True Hero Training is 100% family owned and operated.  This being said, there are limited spaces available as we are still growing.  If you are interested in any of the services provided by True Hero Training, please contact us here.


True Hero Training welcomes individuals looking to better themselves through fitness. The primary objectives for True Hero Training are:

  1. Help any and all individuals reach their fitness needs and goals
  2. Assist individuals to become physically prepared for law enforcement and fire academies as well as military basic training
  3. Become a resource for individuals looking to enter law enforcement, fire, and military
  4. Provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experience in the  law enforcement, fire, and military fields.
  5. Create jobs for others like Dan, who have suffered physical and/or mental injury on the job

True Hero Training has the tools you need for success!  We offer a 30’ CrossFit rig, small running track, obstacle course, climbing wall, weight training, unique training equipment designed especially for law enforcement, firefighting, military, and so much more!  For those seeking optimal health, but not a career in law enforcement, fire, or military, True Hero Training can assist you in reaching your goals through personal training and self-defense sessions.  We can customize your session to fit your needs.

Not local? No worries. We are working hard here at True Hero Training to bring you online courses, which will contain: important tips and tricks you should know, skills to work on, and workout routines you can do in your home, park, or gym. The online content can be found here.

Here at True Hero Training, we are driven to touch as many lives as we can. Dan knows how precious life is for he has encountered many traumatic events in his life, and in the lives of others around him.  This is why Dan is donating a portion of all profits to charities. Helping give aid and assistance to the men and women who are or were willing to devote themselves for the safety and security of this beautiful country and the communities they are sworn to protect.

Please click here to see current charities supported by True Hero Training.

True Hero Training Located at
6649 Amethyst Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
True Hero Training Logo Phone: 714-943-6805