Training Programs

Training Programs

Any gym can help you get fit. But when you need to develop specific skills and capabilities for real-world use, you need a personal trainer from True Hero Training. Our trainers have used their experience in law enforcement, firefighting, military, self defense, and more to develop training programs that will help you excel in fitness testing and on the job. We’ll keep you energized and motivated through the entire program. We offer:

Police & Sheriff’s Academy Training:

Whether you are interested in joining the police or sheriff’s department, or you are looking to move to a new position with bigger physical demands (like SWAT), we can make sure you’re prepared to pass your physical tests and excel on the job.

Fire Academy Training
Fire Academy Training:

Prepare for success at fire academy with our pre-academy training program. We’ll help you build strength and endurance so you can not only pass the physical tests but also excel in classes requiring physical feats like hoisting ladders, controlling fire hoses, etc.


Military Training:

With our help, you can avoid walking into basic training unprepared. We offer training programs specifically designed for new recruits heading into basic training with the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.


Personal TrainingPersonal Training:

Our personal trainers are ready and waiting to inspire, motivate, and train you to meet your physical fitness goals. We give you the celebrity treatment with one-on-one training in a private facility, with all exercises customized to your needs.


Self Defense Training:

Our self defense training courses are designed to teach you the techniques you need to defend yourself from everyday threats. We’ll work on specific self defense moves while also improving strength and flexibility.


Events & Group Training:

Attending an event or group session is an excellent way to get acquainted with True Hero Training. For example, we offer outdoor training sessions in local parks. Check our events page and sign up soon because spots are limited.

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