Learn Self-Defense to Protect Yourself at True Hero Training

Learn Self-Defense to Protect Yourself at True Hero Training

 Learn Self-Defense to Protect Yourself at True Hero Training

Are you prepared if someone attempts to rob you while out for a casual walk in the park? Do you know what to do if you’re walking to your car at night and you think someone with ill-intensions is following you? We all know the stressful feeling of being in an unsafe situation because no one is immune to these experiences. Regardless of your size or gender, you can find yourself being held up at knife point or stalked to your car at night. There are potential threats all around us, which is why you need to learn how to defend yourself.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Everyday Threats?

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take right now to prepare yourself for real world threats that you might face. Learning self-defense techniques can not only help in potentially dangerous situations, it can also boost your confidence and make you more self-assured. If you are serious about learning how to protect yourself, True Hero Training can help.

True Hero Training Offers Common Sense Self-Defense Training

At True Hero Training, our dedicated staff is committed to helping members learn real word self-defense tactics. Our classes are specifically tailored to you with the focus on helping you learn how to best protect yourself in the real world, should the need ever arise. We know you don’t have years to spend mastering judo or becoming a champion boxer, which is why our self-defense training is based on learning simple techniques that will help you defend yourself from everyday threats.

What Will You Learn in True Hero Training Self-Defense Training?

The best way to prepare for threats is to practice real world scenarios that you may encounter. Our self-defense training will show you how to handle armed and unarmed attackers in various situations. In our training program, some of the scenarios covered include:

  • Breaking free from a chokehold
  • Breaking a wrist hold
  • Using everyday objects to defend yourself
  • Attacking your attacker’s pressure points
  • Defending yourself against an assailant from the ground
  • Inflicting damage without injuring yourself

What to do after you encounter a dangerous situation

At True Hero Training, our classes are taught by experienced professional trainers that have served in the military, law enforcement, or fire department. Our instructors know what you may face out in the real world and are best prepared to train you to handle these everyday threats. We also offer one-on-one training sessions to ensure you get all the practice you need with our self-defense moves and tactics.

Join True Hero Training Today to Learn How to Defend Yourself

Truthfully, you shouldn’t wait to learn self-defense. You never know when a threat will arise and you’ll need to protect yourself. With the experienced professional trainers at True Hero Training showing you common sense self-defense tactics, you will be able to better defend yourself. Call 714-943-6805 today to join True Hero Training and start learning self-defense techniques.

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