True Hero Training: The Rancho Cucamonga Workout Destination for Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, and Military  

True Hero Training: The Rancho Cucamonga Workout Destination for Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, and Military  

True Hero Training: The Rancho Cucamonga Workout Destination for Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, and Military  

If you are thinking about joining the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, LA Fire, or any other agency, True Hero Training is here to prepare you. Joining True Hero Training isn’t like joining any other gym. You won’t just get access to workout equipment, you’ll experience true one-on-one training in your career path. We are a family here that has two things in mind— helping you meet your personalized fitness goals and prepare you for the challenge of the academy.

About True Hero Training

After graduating from the Sheriff’s Academy in 2006, True Hero Training founder Dan served as a Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County. Over the years he moved up through the ranks, even working on a counter-terrorism unit and federal task forces. Unfortunately, Dan suffered a career ending injury and was medically retired from the Sheriff’s Department in 2017. Feeling strong ties to fitness and athletics, Dan decided to continue helping others. He opened True Hero Training, a training grounds with a specialized focus on preparing individuals for law enforcement, fire, and military positions.

Our Mission

At True Hero Training, our mission is to help individuals better themselves through fitness, and we achieve that by helping people meet their fitness goals. We also help individuals become physically prepared for the fire and police academies, as well as basic training for military personnel. Our experienced trainers are a resource for those looking to join law enforcement, fire, and military positions and we can share our own knowledge and experiences to best prepare you for what lies ahead.

How True Hero Training Can Help You

At True Hero Training, we offer a variety of training programs that are specifically tailored to your goals. If personal fitness is your mission, we have dedicated personal trainers that can assist you. If you are thinking of joining the law enforcement, we have programs specifically designed to prepare you for the Physical Fitness Qualifier and the academy. For those seeking employment as a firefighter, we have training regimens that are tailored to get you ready for what you’ll face in the Fire Academy and on the job. The same goes for those applying to join the military. We even have a special Marine Corps class that is designed to prepare you for the brutal basic training you are bound to face.

Not only do we have the personnel necessary to help you exceed your goals, we also have the equipment. With an obstacle course, running track, climbing wall, and 30’ CrossFit rig, among other standard gym equipment, we have everything you need to prepare for a successful future.

Are you ready to join True Hero Training Today?

Whether you have your sights set on becoming a law enforcement officer, firefighter, soldier, or just want to reach your personal fitness goals, True Hero Training can help. Our qualified and professional staff of personal trainers are knowledgeable and able to help you succeed. If you want to start working towards your fitness goals, call us today at 714-943-6805.

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